WRN (WTAQ) -- Brown County’s Executive Committee has unanimously approved a resolution which would declare the county to be a 2nd Amendment sanctuary.

Dozens of people were there to voice their opinions about gun laws. Those who spoke were overwhelmingly in favor of adopting a resolution to become a second amendment sanctuary. It’s not a legally binding resolution, but it says the county opposes laws that could lead to tighter gun control.

While the board made changes to the resolution, it was passed unanimously. Members signaled their support for the second amendment but ultimately decided the county does not have the right to override decisions made at the state level.

County supervisors say it’s meant to send a message about guns to state lawmakers. The resolution will go to the full Brown county board next week for a vote. It would make Brown County just the second sanctuary county in Wisconsin.

Florence County declared itself a Second Amendment sanctuary last November. Marinette County drafted a similar proposal but it was removed from the board’s agenda last month.

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Last Update: Jan 08, 2020 5:58 am CST

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