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[Madison, WI] — Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald released the following statement reacting to the governor’s extension of his safer at home order:

“We’ve asked for greater sacrifices from working Wisconsin families during this crisis than we ever have before in state history. Thousands of people throughout the state are without jobs and our state is hurting.

“Unfortunately what was announced today seems to be another one-size-fits-all approach. Rural counties of our state haven’t seen nearly the number of cases that urban and suburban areas have, yet are bearing the full economic impacts of this crisis. While we all want to keep people safe, some regions of the state remain less affected by the virus than others – this order doesn’t recognize that.

“Everyone agrees that reasonable measures must be taken during a public health crisis. Health and safety are a priority, however to extend this order for another month without a plan for how to reopen the state or clear benchmarks for an early expiration is simply unacceptable.

“The power to close down the entire state was never intended to rest solely in the hands of one individual. It’s pretty clear that this extends beyond the 60 days of the emergency order by prolonging the provisions of shelter in place. The Senate has not been part of this conversation and we are planning to look for legal or legislative relief to truly work with the governor to make these very serious decisions that will have long-term effects on our businesses, our children, and our way of life.”

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) represents the 13th Senate District, which covers portions of Dodge, Jefferson, Waukesha, Washington, Dane, and Columbia counties.

Last Update: Apr 17, 2020 7:28 am CDT

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