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MADISON – Senator Janet Bewley released the following statement after learning that Governor Evers’ budget includes the Better City Superior Initiative:

“I am thrilled Governor Evers has included the Better City Superior proposal that I have been working on with Representative Nick Milroy, in his 2021-2023 State Budget. This is a significant step toward making this innovative vision a reality. Over the last few years dedicated volunteers, from every segment of the Greater Superior Community, have come together to pursue a plan that enables the city and county to use an economic development tool currently available only to the City of Milwaukee,” said Sen. Bewley.

“Overwhelmingly supported by Douglas County voters, this plan would allow Superior to establish an exposition district that will spur economic growth, attract new businesses and tourism, and add new job opportunities for local residents. The exposition district would support development projects that increase visitors and spending in the city, with mainstays like stadiums, convention centers and movie theaters. Most importantly, the district can only be created if approved by another referendum - ultimately decided by voters.”

“Formed out of a commitment to a bright and prosperous future for Superior, this grass roots coalition has shown unparalleled commitment to the Northwestern gateway to our great state. I can’t list all of the individuals who have worked and advocated for Better City Superior, but I do want to say a special thanks to a few of them: Bruce Thompson, Jim Caesar, Taylor Pedersen, Chancellor Renee Wachter, Mark Liebaert, Keith Kern, Bill McCoshen, and Mayor Jim Paine. I have faith that this coalition will continue to fight to make this vision a reality for Superior.”

Last Update: Feb 17, 2021 7:22 am CST

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