MADISON WI -- State Senator Romaine Robert Quinn (R-Cameron) joined his colleagues today in passing a bipartisan resolution calling for an amendment to the state constitution to add needed reforms to Wisconsin’s bail system.

Following the vote, Senator Quinn issued this statement:

“We know that our current system unfairly and unsafely handcuffs judges as they make bail decisions. We are the only state that does not allow multiple factors in bail determination. This system emboldens repeat offenders and frustrates our men and women in law enforcement.”

“A judge needs to have the flexibility to assess the whole situation when setting bail. They simply don’t have it now. Until voters adopt this constitutional amendment, a judge cannot take actions he or she believes would be in the interest of public safety. I am glad that Democrats and Republicans in the State Senate agree that we need to protect our communities by sending this question to the voters. Now we need everyone who values public safety, every citizen who truly wants equal protection under the law, to get to the polls in April and vote YES on this amendment.”

Last Update: Jan 17, 2023 4:28 pm CST

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