MADISON, Wis. / (Press Release) -- Senator Rob Stafsholt (R - New Richmond) issued the following statement in response to a Dane County judge's decision to grant an injunction halting a hunt of the gray wolf that is currently required under state law:

“Today was supposed to be the day that the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) notified hunters if they have received a gray wolf tag, however late Friday, a Dane County judge put a halt to the hunt due to the complete incompetence of Governor Evers’ DNR. Once again, their failure by blatantly ignoring state statutes has put an end to another wolf harvest. Governor Evers and the DNR must quickly act and get back into compliance so they don’t continue to mess up another wolf harvest.”

“This is not the first time the Evers’ Administration and DNR Secretary Preston Cole have instructed their department to blatantly ignore state statute. Earlier this year, in a court case in which Hunter Nation sued them, a Jefferson County Circuit Court ruled Governor Evers and DNR Secretary Cole ignored state statute and refused to move forward with a wolf hunting season. They knowingly infringed on Wisconsinite’s constitutionally protected right to hunt while Attorney General Kaul stood on the sidelines.”

“It is time for Governor Evers and Attorney General Kaul to stop acting in the interest of radical anti-hunting and anti-Second Amendment groups, and start following the law. They must do their jobs of protecting state law and act in the best interest of Wisconsinites. They need to clean up the mess they have purposely created.”

Last Update: Oct 25, 2021 12:04 pm CDT

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