SHELL LAKE — Business Owner and Entrepreneur Matt Dryden today announced his candidacy for Mayor of the City of Shell Lake.

Dryden, a Shell Lake High School graduate, said that one of his focuses as Mayor is addressing the lack of much-needed housing in the community.

“Our city is growing, and will continue to grow as the new city center completes construction bringing into town all of the county offices, some of which currently function outside of Shell Lake. Our new school will also bring in new families that will be enrolling,” said Dryden. “I have spoken to many people that have found it difficult to find housing for the long or short time, and in daily interactions with my fellow residents, I hear first-hand the hardships of finding housing not only in our city but even in surrounding areas.” 

Dryden added that there is a need to address this issue soon.

“We need to look towards our city’s future, by exploring all our options to bring affordable homes and apartments to our young families, and down-sizing retirees who wish to make Shell Lake their home.”

Dryden, owner of The Body Shop Fitness Centers in Shell Lake and Spooner, also stated that by already having a cohesive relationship with city officials, department heads, and city employees, his role as Mayor would be seamless.

“I have the privilege of working with many of my fellow business owners, and know the dedication they put into their business as well as the importance of local patrons to keep them insolvent.”

Dryden, who also owns Matt’s Ice Cream Stand in Shell Lake, added that Shell Lake is not only his hometown, but it is also his passion.

“As a fully-vested business owner, husband, father, son and brother, I will continue to work hard to keep our home-town values while meeting the needs of a growing city and support those who work so hard to keep our community moving forward.”

Last Update: Dec 13, 2019 4:31 pm CST

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