SHELL LAKE -- Shell Lake Police Chief, Dave Wilson, wrote a Letter of Commendation for Officer Brandon Meyer regarding his work investigating the recent burglary of the Shell Lake Cenex.

On November 20, 2017, published a press release from the Washburn County Sheriff's Office seeking the public's help in identifying the subject. On November 24, 2017, reported that a Nationwide Arrest Warrant had been issued for the identified suspect. The information used in that post was based on the Criminal Complaint filed against Randy Hammett which included Officer Meyer's Police Report. 

L/R: Officer Meyer; Chief Wilson

During the multi-agency investigation, Officer Meyer worked closely with the other agencies involved in the investigation. Below is the Letter of Commendation from Chief Wilson:

Letter of Commendation:

Officer Meyer:

Officer Meyer, I want to formally commend you on your recent work, while conducting a recent Burglary/Theft investigation to our Local Cenex business.  Your attention to detail, covering all of the elements of the crime, and working with several other agencies was top notch. The extra hours spent being through was noticed.  Positive identification of a suspect and obtaining an extraditable warrant to bring the individual to justice, is excellent work, job well done.

Other Officers and agency administrators, including the District Attorney’s Office have verbally advised me of your excellent work.  I especially appreciate you keeping me updated along the way, even though I was out of town, I was left feeling very confident that you had all the bases covered. Once again great job Officer Meyer, It pleases me to see and have watched you become an excellent Officer with your training and experience growing every day.  Keep up the great work.

This letter will be placed into your personnel file for record, presented at the next regularly scheduled City Council meeting, and be sent to Chief Stuart of Minong, your primary employer of record.  

David M. Wilson

Chief of Police

At the time of this post, Hammett remains at-large. If anyone has information on his whereabouts, they are encouraged to contact the Washburn County Sheriff's Office at 715-468-4700.

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