WASHBURN COUNTY -- Vickie Fisher, of Shell Lake, WI, is charged with Class H Felony 4th OWI and Class H Felony 4th Offense Operating with Prohibited Alcohol Concentration after she was pulled over by the Washburn County Sheriff’s Office on December 10, 2017, for deviating from her lane of traffic.

According to the criminal complaint filed against Fisher, at around 2:45 AM on December 10, 2017, deputies saw a vehicle traveling towards the City of Spooner, WI, on County Highway K. The deputies noticed that the vehicle was not maintaining a straight traffic path, and as it drove into Spooner, the driver pulled into a Holiday gas station, which was not open for business at the time. After the vehicle left the Holiday station, deputies continued to follow and saw that the driver continued to deviate from straight travel.

After stopping the vehicle, deputies identified the driver as Vickie Fisher. Due to the fact that Fisher was exhibiting signs of being intoxicated, deputies conducted field sobriety testing with her. Fisher was not able to complete the testing successfully, according to the criminal complaint. A preliminary test of Fisher’s breath indicated a result of .173.

Fisher was placed under arrest and because she refused to voluntarily supply a sample of her blood for evidentiary testing, a search warrant for a sample of her blood was obtained by the deputies. 

A toxicology report shows that testing by the Wisconsin State Forensic Toxicology Laboratory indicated a blood alcohol concentration result of .179 in Fisher’s blood.

The criminal complaint states further that Fisher was previously convicted for operating while intoxicated 3 times; on June 22, 1994, in the State of Iowa, on August 15, 2001, in Barron County Circuit Court, and on July 27, 2012, in Washburn County Circuit Court.

The maximum penalty for a conviction of Class H Felony 4th Offense OWI is imprisonment for not more than 6 years, a maximum fine of $10,000, or both.

Fisher is scheduled to make an Initial Appearance on her charges later this month in Washburn County Circuit Court. It is not known to DrydenWire.com at this time if Fisher was placed on any bail bond.

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