BARRON COUNTY — Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald will be holding a press conference on January 15, 2019, to give an update on the Jayme Closs Investigation.  The 15th will be 3 months since the disappearance of Jayme and her parents found deceased.

Sheriff Fitzgerald stated in an email sent to media that at this time “this remains an active case" and will provide as much information as possible during the press conference as long as it does not jeopardize the case. 

Sheriff Fitzgerald also stressed that if information “does not come from me, it is not considered credible.” 

The Barron County Sheriff concluded by saying that “all [of] our partners working on the case we be available” during the press conference.

The press conference will be held at 10a in the lobby of the Barron County Sheriff's Department located at 1420 State Hwy 25 in Barron, WI.

WATCH: Sheriff Fitzgerald Discusses Jayme Closs Investigation on DrydenWire Live!

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