BARRON COUNTY -- Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald held a second press conference regarding the Jayme Closs case.

You can read the recap of the first press conference today HERE.

Sheriff Fitzgerald confirmed that Jake Patterson is scheduled to appear in Court on Monday January 14, 2019 regarding charges of 1st Degree Intentional Homicide and Kidnapping. A criminal complaint will be available after Patterson’s court appearance.

The Sheriff confirmed that a search warrant is being served at the Gordon residence where Patterson held Jayme captive. Investigators expect to spend several more hours this evening working on this search warrant. No search warrants are being served in Barron County at this time pertaining to this case.

Multiple guns were recovered during the search warrant at the residence; including one shotgun that Sheriff Fitzgerald confirmed is consistent with the type of shotgun used at the Closs residence on the night that Jayme’s parents were killed. Sheriff Fitzgerald also confirmed that the door at the Closs residence was shot open, not kicked in.

The Sheriff also stated that it has come to light that Patterson did work at Jennie-O 3 years ago for less than 2 days, however, there is no indication that he had any contact with Jayme’s parents. Sheriff Fitzgerald went on to again state that at this time there is no indication that Patterson had prior contact with Jayme, either through social media or in any other way.

Sheriff Fitzgerald stated that Patterson had shaved his head to avoid leaving any trace evidence at the scene at the Closs residence. He also confirmed that investigators believe that Jayme was the target and that she was Patterson’s primary reason for going to the Closs residence.

The Sheriff also said that it has been confirmed that Patterson was not at the residence when Jayme escaped and that they now believe that he was out looking for her when he was located and placed under arrest.

Sheriff Fitzgerald did say that he does not plan to hold any further press conferences on this case.

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