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Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers released an order for mandatory masks in public. There hasn't been any "mask law" passed through our state legislature. The Washburn County Sheriff's Department will not participate in any enforcement in regards to the wearing of masks. We believe it is government overreach and unconstitutional on many levels.

My deputies have sworn an oath to the Constitution, and when a law or order is in conflict, we must defend the individual rights of our people. You have an individual right to make your own medical decisions. We as government officials shall not intrude. The Constitution can't be suspended, whether people get sick or not.

There are many who have religious beliefs about wearing of masks, taking of vaccinations, etc. To prohibit the gathering together of willing people to peacefully assemble unless they are so many feet apart, or are wearing certain wardrobes that the government mandates, all violate the first amendment of the Constitution. Also, any fine imposed for the people to exercise their own basic human rights is excessive, and therefore a violation of the 8th amendment of our Constitution.

We encourage everyone to make your own medical choices and what you believe is the best for you  and your family. If you choose to wear a mask, we defend that right. If not, we defend that right as well. Our deputies will not enforce a mask mandate.

- Sheriff Stuart

Last Update: Jul 30, 2020 2:32 pm CDT

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