Washburn County’s new Radio/Paging Communications tower is almost complete. The tower is located on County D just east of Eastside Road, Section 24 of Long Lake Township. This tower will improve our communications with Law Enforcement, Fire, Ambulance, Highway and paging of Long Lake First Responders in the southern part of the county, specifically in the Birchwood area.

The Washburn County Board of Supervisors were aware of our communications and paging difficulties in this part of the county. During the budget process for 2017 the board of supervisors allocated funds to purchase and install this new tower and its components. 

The Long Lake Town Board authorized the lease for the land with Washburn County and the project is near completion. There is some electrical work yet to be done, as well as moving the repeaters into the building, testing and preparing the radios for operation. It is hoped the tower will be fully operational by the end of this year.

We thank the Long Lake Town Board for their cooperation and willingness to allow the land to be used for this worthwhile project. We also thank the Washburn County Highway Department for preparing the land and driveway for this structure. With the cooperation of the county board, Washburn County Emergency Management and those others listed, our ability to improve public safety in the south and eastern part of our county is greatly enhanced. 

Sheriff Dryden

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