Sheriff’s Deputy Recognizes SMS Students For Creation Of 'WOW Wall'

Deputy Donated Gift Cards To Student Creators In Recognition Of Their Work

Sheriff’s Deputy Recognizes SMS Students For Creation Of 'WOW Wall'

SPOONER, WI — Earlier this month, we ran a post from the Spooner Area School District (SASD) titled: Spooner Middle School Students Create ‘WOW Wall’ To Spread Positivity, Inspire Others. A Sheriff’s Deputy noticed and decided he also wanted to share positivity.

Washburn County Sheriff's Deputy, Warren Tuttle, read the published post on DrydenWire and decided he wanted to recognize the three students for their work and positivity and submit a request to have them post a letter on their WOW Wall.

He also wanted to give them something a bit extra in form of a McDonald's gift card.

Per our request, Deputy Tuttle provided DrydenWire with a copy of the letter he submitted to SASD for submission on their WOW Wall which you can read in its entirety below along with a statement from Spooner Areas School Superintendent Dr. David Aslyn which was also provided upon request for this post.


Rallye, Aeva and Makayla:

I recently read the article on DrydenWire about your creation of the WOW Wall. I was inspired by the message you were promoting throughout the Spooner Middle School to encourage positivity and showcase the many talents of the students at your school.

I know that this has been a difficult year for everyone including all of the students at the various schools. The schedule was constantly changing and there were times when you were not able to see your friends on a regular basis. This wall will act as an outlet for your peers to share their inspirations and talents.

It was an honor to meet you last Friday. I was excited to see the WOW Wall in person. It is evident that there are many talented artists in your School. You have an amazing school and I am glad that you are proud of it. It is the students that make a school what it is. You should be elated with your accomplishments.

I have included my own submission for the WOW Wall. Remember that there are times in life when you fall down and fail. If you continue to get up, you are always a winner.

I hope you enjoy the McDonald’s gift cards.

- Respectfully, Deputy Warren Tuttle, Washburn County Sheriff’s Deputy

SASD Superintendent Dr. David Aslyn was aware of this letter submitted by Deputy Tuttle and provided DrydenWire with the following statement upon reading.

“It is wonderful to see SMS students recognized for their work by the Washburn County Sheriff's Department. Their creation of a WOW Wall showcases their talents and promotes the many positive things taking place at Spooner Middle School. On behalf of the SASD, I want to congratulate Rallye, Aeva, and Makayla for this wonderful recognition.”

It may not officially be "Positive Tuesday" today but this is definitely bringing out my feels. Perhaps this encourages you to "pay it forward" or simply recognize someone that has recently impacted your life in some way. And let them know. Because words matter.

Last Update: Mar 23, 2021 12:35 pm CDT

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