Diane's Kitchen is not a cooking show but a 30-minute video podcast in our kitchen with people of interest hosted by Diane Dryden. “We’ll drink coffee and discuss what's going on in the neighborhood.”

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Along with training dogs to stop the 'bad guy" for law enforcement, dogs are trained in the extensive field of search and rescue. Dogs are also being trained in the cadaver field, locating decomposing human remains in urban, wilderness, and water settings. Even when the body is encased under the ice. These dogs are trained in cemeteries, primarily the cemeteries that contain bodies that have been buried for a very long time. Bodies buried without the metal vaults, some in coffins, and some committed to the earth in a shroud. Meet Jan Thompson on Diane's Kitchen, as she shares her experience training these special K9's and why she does it.

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Last Update: Jul 05, 2020 9:12 am CDT

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