Siren Police Chief Chris Sybers has announced that he will be a candidate for the office of Burnett County Sheriff on the Republican ticket.  Sybers, age 51, has served as the Chief of Police for the Village of Siren for 16 years.  Prior to that he served as a police officer for the Village of Siren for 2 years.  Chris also served as Deputy Emergency Management Director immediately after the tornado that tore through Burnett County in 2001.  

In addition, he has worked for the Burnett County Highway Department and the Rusk County Sheriff.  While serving as Chairman of Meenon Township for 12 years, Chris also served as Chair of the Burnett County Towns Association for 12 years.  (negotiated multiple ambulance contracts) He has been a supervisor on the Burnett County Board for 14 years and served as the Chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee for 10 years.  Chris also is the Vice Chairman of the Infrastructure Committee for 8 years.  Chris was a member of the Siren Fire Department for 10 years as well.  Chris has been a Siren Lions’ Club member for 8 years.

Improving law enforcement service through coalition building will be a strong point of Sybers as Sheriff.  “We need to better use the tools that are available to us” Chief Sybers stated.  “Currently Village and Tribal Officers are underutilized in county law enforcement.  I believe if we start a county-wide drug task force involving all law enforcement agencies from within Burnett County to better fight the local war on drugs and other crimes”.   School safety will be another priority. Chris will work closely with schools to improve safety procedures where needed as he has done with Siren School.  Officer training will be emphasized as it is needed since county officers have not been trained adequately for a number of years.  

“If elected as Sheriff; I would also reinstate the SWAT Team so we can handle our own situations that occur within our communities and do not have to rely on an outside agency to do our work for us”. 

“I believe that working together; we can make a difference in Burnett County.  In that effort, I ask for your support”.  Chris has made his home in the Town of Meenon for the 18 years where he resides with his fiancé and their daughters.  

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