The Northwest Wisconsin Graziers Network and University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension invite you to a unique permaculture and multi-enterprise pasture walk hosted by Anathoth Community Farm near Luck in Polk County on Saturday, September 21 from 10:00 AM - Noon.  The major emphasis of this pasture walk will be on soil health and watershed protection.  Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) cost-sharing programs will be discussed also.

The Anathoth Community Farm is home to Mike Miles and Barb Kass, and is part of the Plowshares Land Trust, founded 33 years ago with commitments to nonviolence, community and sustainability.  The farm consists of about 60 acres on gently rolling lighter soils with pastures and wooded areas.  Like many farms in the community, it was seriously impacted by the windstorm events of July 19th and we will discuss the process of rebuilding the landscape. We will also demonstrate soil health measurements on a variety of soil types and farm locations. Out-wintering beef cattle and bale grazing will be discussed along with answering any questions from pasture walk participants.

The farm has established key-line swales to redistribute rain water run-off. The swale borders are planted with various perennials both trees and shrubs.  Forages are grown in the alleys.  Silvopasturing includes both partial clearing for grazing and establishment of trees in existing pastures.  The farm features rotational beef grazing, pastured poultry (both layers and broilers) and hogs, a large vegetable garden, hoop house for vegetables, and solar power that supplies electricity to the grid.  The farm uses a three-point-hitch, no-till seeder to inter-seed forage mixes and cover crops in tight areas.

The farm is located at 740 Round Lake Road south of Hwy 48.  From Luck, take Hwy. 48 east 8 miles, turn right or south on Cty E, drive about two miles, then turn right on Round Lake Road.  Drive about two miles to the farm.  From Cumberland, take Hwy 48 about 12 miles, then turn left or south on Cty E.  Watch for the signs.

For more information, contact Mike or Barb at 715-472-8721,  Becky Schley, the Barron/Polk County UW-Extension Ag Agent, at 715-537-6250, or Lynn Johnson 715-268-8778 at NW Graziers.

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