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MADISON -- Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) announced Tuesday that Rep. Shelia Stubbs (D-Madison) will co-chair the new Speaker’s Task Force with Majority Leader Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna). The special committee will focus on racial disparities, educational opportunities, public safety, and police policies and standards.

“I want to thank Rep. Stubbs for accepting the invitation to co-chair the bipartisan task force,” said Speaker Vos. “It’s through listening and learning from one another that we can find a way forward together.”

“I’m pleased Rep. Stubbs has agreed to co-chair the task force with me,” said Rep. Steineke. “I believe this is the first of many positive steps in an effort that can and will make a different in our state.”

“As Co-Chair of this task force, I will elevate community voices, so that we can create an inclusive dialogue that leads to action," said Rep. Stubbs. "In these desperate times, it is the leaders who are invested, knowledgeable, and action-oriented that will give us hope."

“In order to have a more robust and meaningful dialogue, for the first time a Speaker’s Task Force will include community members as well as legislators,” said Speaker Vos.

Speaker Vos also announced a new e-mail address where community members can apply to be on the task force. Individuals can send their statement of interest and resume to

“I’ll be asking all involved in this task force to set aside their differences, come together with an open mind, and leave partisan politics at the door,” said Rep. Steineke. “When the mission is just and the cause is noble, people of good will can overcome any roadblock in their path.” The task force will be accepting applications through September 18; appointments will be finalized soon after that date.

Last Update: Sep 08, 2020 9:45 am CDT

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