SPOONER, WI -- DrydenWire has received multiple reports from Spectrum subscribers that there interent is currently down.

In a message sent to us from a Spectrum customer, Spectrum sent a text alert stating that their "technicians are working on the problem." The alert also stated an estimated restoration time of 2:30p today.

UPDATE: several messages we have received in the last few minutes are now reporting they once again have internet service from Spectrum, although it's hit-and-miss. A short time ago, the Spooner Police Department posted the following on their Facebook page that could have been the cause of the outage.

"Road closure: There is a portion of Roundhouse Rd closed from Lampert Dr to Northland Dr, due to a truck crash involving downed utility lines. There have been reports of internet and phone outages, due to this incident. People are asked to avoid this area in their travels until repairs can be made." - Chief Jerry Christman

Last Update: Jun 23, 2021 2:53 pm CDT

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