WASHBURN COUNTY -- Recently, the Spooner Area Chamber of Commerce and the Shell Lake Chamber of Commerce became members of each other’s organizations. Not only will this strengthen the bond between these two great communities, but it will also allow for more networking opportunities for business minded individuals in the area.

The organizations will be featuring each other on both the SpoonerChamber.org and VisitShellLake.com websites; as well as affording each other opportunities to share events and other important updates via social media and community calendars.

Leaders of both organizations couldn’t be more excited to further this relationship in community and commerce.

"The Spooner area Chamber of Commerce is excited about partnering with the Shell Lake Chamber of Commerce in order to strengthen each other’s communities, businesses and networking opportunities,” Spooner Chamber Executive Board member Aaron Arf said.

Echoing that enthusiasm was Shell Lake Chamber Vice President Matt Dryden. “I feel that being a small community chamber we need to reach out to other small town chambers to allow us to cross promote our locally owned businesses,” Matt said. “Our successes and continued success will come in supporting each other.”

Last Update: Apr 29, 2022 5:50 am CDT

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