SPOONER, Wis. -- Warm weather means the return of summer festivals! Spooner Block Party is back and ready to rock on July 2nd. Our early bird pricing - Just $30 for General Admission to see Sawyer Brown, Great White, GB Leighton & Dawn Marie - is good through March 31st! Tickets are on sale now at SpoonerBlockParty.com.

Do you read your DrydenWire news from their Facebook page? We're on Facebook too! Make sure to follow our Spooner Block Party page on Facebook! We're working on reaching 3000 likes and will give away a pair of VIP tickets when we hit that goal! There are fun features on Facebook that we're using more too - Stories & Reels! Stories post for 24 hours on a desktop or mobile device, so you have to check them often if you don't want to miss out on more chances to win tickets.

We've been playing "Guess The Lyrics" in stories, where we string together emojis to make up a song title. Can you guess the Sawyer Brown lyrics in the example below? Reels can only be viewed on the Facebook App from your mobile device, so if you're on a desktop, you won't get to see these fun little videos! Swipe up on reels and you could lose yourself in videos for awhile! And Hey....did you come up with the lyrics yet? Six Days on the Road and I'm gonna make it home tonight!

Hop on to Instagram and follow us there too! You have a couple days to get in on our sweepstakes - look for our tagged post from @mspmag and follow the steps on how to enter for their giveaway!

We can't wait for summer and to party with all of you at the Spooner Block Party!

Last Update: Mar 25, 2022 8:39 am CDT

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