It was in 1995 when Dr. Nathan EIchhorst, and optometrist and optician Doug Bresina, who retired in 2006, opened Spooner Eye Care at 130 W. Walnut in Spooner along with office manager, Sondra Sheleto who remains the office manager to today.

This spring, after twenty-two years in the business, Nate and Jody Eichhorst have moved to southern Idaho in order to enjoy the shorter winters in familiar territory. Nate went to optometry school in Portland, Oregon and his mother grew up in southern Oregon and his parents lived in Seattle during the 1980's. He and Jody always knew they would end up in the inland Pacific Northwest and after much consideration, they decided the timing was finally right to go.

After living here for twenty-five years, Jody, employed as a teacher in the Spooner school system, they were grateful for each day they were here and because they raised their kids here, they will always call Spooner home.

The Eichhorst's left early this summer appreciating the support and loyalty of their patients, many of whom had become good friends and he is confident that his patients and the town of Spooner as a whole will give the new owners, Michael Seebruck OD and Gabrielle Smiley, OD a warm welcome. Adding that “They will be a great addition to the community.”

Not only will they be a great addition to the area, they will be shaking up the optical community a bit when they open their new building located at highway 70 and 53, next to the Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, early next year for appointments.

Both Mike and Gabrielle attended the Michigan College of Optometry, where they met and both have a Wisconsin background, he from Altoona and she from Durand.

They have an extended vision for the future and will not be operating their new optical business alone. They have also brought on board Rice Lake's optometrist. Kevin Jacobson and Hayward's Dr. Tracy Kocemba OD.

Between the four of them, Jacobson and Kocemba will retain their own office locations and the Spooner docs will be moving the Walnut Street business to the new building taking their office staff including Sondra Shellito-office manager, Julie Emerson-receptionist, Lehne Nelson,- certified optician and Sue Collins-optician/receptionist along.

The new building will feature up to four exam rooms so all four doctors can see patients there, easing wait time for exams. and they will continue to provide a large variety of the latest frames and lenses along with contact lenses and the old building will eventually be phased out and for sale.

Eventually, Dr. Seebruck would like to add the specialized field of low vision work using new ways to help those with macular degeneration with computerized systems that use speech instead of vision and possibly the Apple iPad device that already has special features for low to limited vision people.

It's an exciting time for the Spooner business community and the patients of what is no longer called Spooner Eye Care but has been renamed Northview Eye Associates.

The number for the Spooner office is still the same, 715-635-2020 and they are continuing to make appointments to be seen at their current location.

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