SPOONER -- Spooner Fire Department was called out at about 10a Wednesday on a report of an injury on the roof St. Francis de Sales School in Spooner. 

Spooner Fire Chief Darren Vik said a custodian and a contractor were working on the furnace on the school’s flat roof when the contractor slipped and fell, injuring his leg. The injury was not life-threatening but the man was unable to use the usual exit from the roof on his own.

Chief Vik said, “North Ambulance responded first, but they couldn’t get him down, so they called for the aerial truck from our department. We provided manpower and assistance to get him safely off the roof.

“The aerial ladder is long enough that we could reach it up and lay it on top of the roof of the building. The person was put into a Stokes basket, which is a big, hard-shell rescue basket. We secured the person in the basket and then lowered the basket down the ladder to the ground.

“At that point, our work was finished and the ambulance crew took the man to a hospital,” Vik said. Due privacy laws, Vik was unable to provide the name of the contractor or which hospital he was taken to.

“It was handy to have the aerial ladder. We have used it a couple of times for rescues,” Vik said.

At the time of the rescue, a helicopter was flying over the area, but Vik said the helicopter was not involved in the call.

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