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SPOONER, WI -- Effective July 5, 2021 Spooner Health’s COVID-19 testing site will be closed to the public. The site will remain open for pre-procedural testing only. The closure is due in large part to lack of demand for COVID-19 testing in Washburn County. With a successful vaccine roll-out, the need for COVID-19 testing has decreased dramatically.

Mike Schafer, CEO of Spooner Health says, “I am proud that Spooner Health was able to provide such an important and in-demand service during the height of the pandemic. I know our mobile testing really helped keep care close to home, so our community members did not have to travel far. COVID-19 is still very present however, so we are still urging individuals to seek testing elsewhere if it is needed.”

For individuals who are experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19 and need a test, please contact your primary care provider.

You can also complete an e-visit through Essentia Health by visiting here.

You do not need to be a patient of Essentia Health to complete an e-visit.

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Spooner Health is a licensed 25-bed critical access hospital with a wide range of services from emergency and inpatient care to outpatient therapy, surgery and diagnostic imaging. Spooner Health is dedicated to providing high quality healthcare with excellent service.

Last Update: Jun 28, 2021 8:58 am CDT

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