SPOONER -- The Spooner High School audition-only Select Choir, encompassing some of Spooner's most-talented vocalists, will present its first concert as the sole featured act.  The concert is dedicated to works from the past century and will include music by prolific composers like Eric Whitacre, Stephen Chatman, and Craig Hella-Johnson, as well as acapella charts made popular by groups like Pentatonix.  

This group of 18 students consists of motivated, driven individuals who want to be part of a musical team, working toward refinement of the greatest musical caliber.  They range in age from 14 to 18, and from freshmen to seniors.  They sign a pledge agreeing to a high degree of behavioral standards and to a rigorous events schedule, with more than thirty obligatory performances over the course of the year, beginning in early July and going through graduation the following May.  The group serves as a point of pride in the community and is a long-standing tradition in the Spooner High School.  With this comes the strong involvement of both parents and community members in the well-being of the group - from chaperoning events, to featuring the group in articles in the local newspapers, to asking for help (in a range of ways) from the group at community gatherings.

Students who wish to participate in the group must audition once per year, with the auditions being held in mid-May.   

Students are scored on a 5-category rubric with a 4-point rating schedule by the director and the outgoing seniors from the choir.  These scores are entered into an algorithmic spreadsheet for calculation and determination of who will be accepted.  The number accepted can range from 16 to 24, depending upon the results of the auditions. 

The Select Choir concert will be held on Saturday, January 13th at 7pm, with a bread-bowl soup supper offered prior, beginning at 6pm.  Free-will donations will be accepted at supper and during the concert.  

If you have any questions, or would like more information about the Spooner High School Select Choir, the Spooner Music Department, or Spooner Schools, please visit the Spooner District website at http://www.spooner.k12.wi.us/, our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Spooner-Area-School-District-222931917767515/, or call the school at 715-635-2171.  

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