Spooner Man Charged With Sexually Assaulting Child In Oneida County

Law enforcement reviewed surveillance video of man in hot tub with alleged child victim

Spooner Man Charged With Sexually Assaulting Child In Oneida County

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ONEIDA COUNTY -- A criminal complaint has been filed in Oneida County Circuit Court against Spooner, WI man, Daniel J. Scribner charging him with Sexual Assault of a Child Under 16 Years of Age.

According to the criminal complaint, Spooner Police Department received a report of an incident that had occurred at Waters of Minocqua on Sunday, June 16, 2019. The Spooner Police Department forwarded the information to the Minocqua Police Department and an investigation was initiated.

A Detective with the Minocqua Police Department made contact with the alleged child victim and her family and took statements. The criminal complaint filed against Scribner states that according to the statements, the alleged child victim was at Waters of Minocqua for a vacation and that Scribner was also at the Waters of Minocqua.

The parents of the alleged child victim stated that on Sunday, June 16, 2019, they picked up their child from Waters of Minocqua after receiving messages stating that their child wanted to be picked up because of an incident that reportedly occurred that same day during which Scribner allegedly touched the child sexually while in a hot tub. Screenshots of messages in which the child described the incident to a friend were provided to law enforcement.

Minocqua Police Department contacted Waters of Minocqua and confirmed that Scribner had stayed there in a room and had been there on June 16, 2019. The criminal complaint goes on to state that officers reviewed surveillance video in which Scribner can be seen going on a water slide multiple times with the child victim and also going into a hot tub with her. The video footage shows physical contact between Scribner and the child while in the hot tub, with Scribner’s arm apparently touching the child, after which the child left the hot tub, and returned to one of the rooms at Waters of Minocqua.

A forensic interview was conducted with the alleged child victim. During that interview, the child described a sequence of events during which time was spent playing volleyball, basketball, and going on water slides, after which the child went into a hot tub with Scribner. The child went on to tell law enforcement that while in the hot tub, Scribner touched her thigh and then her genital area. In addition, the child also stated that earlier that same day, Scribner had asked her if she was “...going to play with herself” when she showered and that he had asked about her sex life in prior conversations.

Following the alleged assault, the child contacted a friend through electronic messaging, who then contacted the child’s parents to let them know that she wanted to be picked up.

Minocqua Police Department contacted the Washburn County Sheriff’s Office and the Spooner Police Department who assisted with locating Scribner. Scribner was taken into custody and interviewed at the Spooner Police Department.

The criminal complaint states that when officers asked Scribner why he thought they were there, he said that the only thing he could think of would have to do with the same child who law enforcement had identified as the alleged victim in this.

Scribner went on to provide a statement in which he said that the child had pulled his arm down so that he would touch her privates, going on to state that although he “pulled it away of course”, she wanted to “hold it down there”. Scribner stated that after that the child left the hot tub; Scribner went on to say that she was probably embarrassed about what had happened.

The Minocqua Police Department Detective investigating the alleged assault asked Scribner if he would want to change his story if he knew there was video surveillance, Scribner said “no”. When the Detective informed Scribner that his story didn’t match what the Detective observed in the surveillance video, Scribner then asked for an attorney.

Online circuit court records show that Scribner appeared by video while in custody on June 26, 2019, for a hearing in Oneida County regarding his charges and the Court placed him on a $5,000 cash bail bond. Scribner is scheduled to appear again in July 2019.

If convicted of the charge of Class C Felony Sexual Assault of a Child Under 16 Years of Age, Scribner faces a potential maximum sentence of imprisonment for 40 years.

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Pursuant to the direction of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, as found in Supreme Court Rule 20:3.6, Trial Publicly, you are advised that a charge is merely an accusation and that a defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty

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