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A Spooner, WI man has been charged criminally with Sexual Assault of A Child Under the Age of 16 in Washburn County Circuit Court.

Michael Stair, age 21, of Spooner, WI, has been charged with allegedly sexually assaulting a female under the age of 16 in February 2017. The Washburn County Sheriff’s Office investigated a report that Stair, age 20 at the time of the incident, had allegedly sexually assaulted a minor female, age 15.

Investigating officers interviewed the minor female in September 2017, at which time she stated that on the date of the incident in February 2017, she did not have school and had planned to spend the day ice fishing with Stair, with whom she had known for a few months. She told investigating officers that Stair had given her alcohol and had smoked marijuana with Stair on the date of the incident. 

She went on to state that she had become tired and went to lay down, later awakening to find Stair on top of her. The minor female stated that Stair engaged in intercourse with her at that time and that she had repeatedly told him to stop. 

After that, the minor female told investigating officers that she went to take a shower, hoping that it would “sober her up”, and that Stair came into the shower with her, and once again engaged in intercourse. The minor female also stated that during the shower incident she told Stair to stop, but that he told her to “just relax”.

The minor female told investigating officers that following the date of the incident, she received a text from Stair stating that if she told anyone about what happened, that Stair would hurt her.

Investigating officers interviewed Stair in September 2017, and he initially denied the allegations, stating that he knew the minor female through a mutual friend and that anytime he was around the minor female, there were other people around.

Stair went on to state that he was unaware of the minor female consuming any alcohol or marijuana on the date of the alleged incident. Additionally, Stair told investigating officers that although he admitted he had “feelings” for the minor female, and she returned those “feelings”, he told her that “she was way too young for him and that it would be inappropriate for them to be involved with each other.”

Stair went on to tell investigating officers that the minor female “basically poured out her feelings to him” on the date of the incident, but that he again told her she was too young and that she needed to work things out with her boyfriend.

The criminal complaint states that Stair told officers that although he didn’t know the exact age of the minor female, he did know that she had a driving permit, but not a driving license, and so would not be 16 years of age yet.

The criminal complaint filed against Stair goes on to state that although Stair initially denied all the allegations made by the minor female, he later told officers that he did pour alcohol into a glass for the minor female, and he did admit to kissing her, however, he stated that the kiss was “consensual”. 

Stair initially stated that he had taken a shower alone on the date of the incident, and that when he got out of the shower, the minor female was acting “touchy” with him, but that he pushed her away.

Stair later told investigating officers that the minor female followed him into the shower and that they attempted to have intercourse, however, he felt uncomfortable and left the shower. Stair told investigating officers that he knew it was wrong, due to the minor female’s age.

He further went on to admit that following the shower, he and the minor female moved first to the couch and then to his bedroom where she performed fellatio on him.

Stair is charged with two counts of Class C Felony Sexual Assault of a Child Under 16 Years of Age. The maximum penalty for a conviction as charged is imprisonment for not more than 40 years, a maximum fine of $100,000, or both.

According to online circuit court records, Stair is scheduled to have an initial appearance on his charges in June 2018. No information regarding whether or not Stair has been placed on a bail bond was available through online circuit court records at the time of this post, nor was a booking photo from the Washburn County Sheriff’s Office.

Pursuant to the direction of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, as found in Supreme Court Rule 20:3.6, Trial Publicly, you are advised that a charge is merely an accusation and that a defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

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