A Spooner, WI man has plead guilty to his criminal charge of Class F Felony Burglary of the Spooner IPlay store.

According to online circuit court records, Dakota Gates, of Spooner, WI, appeared in Washburn County Circuit Court on November 29, 2017 on his criminal charges.

Criminal charges were filed against Gates and another Spooner man, Jonah Blake, after the April 2017 burglary of the Spooner IPlay store. 

DrydenWire.com reported on this story on April 21, 2017, after first breaking the story on April 10, 2017, when a burglary was reported at the IPlay store located at 111 Elm Street, Spooner, WI. At that time Spooner Police Department received a call that the glass entrance door to that building had been smashed in. The Spooner Police Department conducted an investigation into the burglary which ultimately revealed that Gates and Blake were involved in the burglary. 

At his hearing on November 29, 2017, Gates plead guilty to the charge of Class F Felony Burglary of a Building. Charges of Misdemeanor Theft of Movable Property, Misdemeanor Criminal Damage to Property, Class H Felony Bail Jump, and Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct were dismissed but read in by the Court for consideration in Gates’ sentence.

Online circuit court records also indicate that Gates entered a Guilty plea in a separate case charging him with Class H Felony Battery by Prisoners. The details of that case are not known to DrydenWire.com.

A sentencing hearing has been scheduled for Gates in February 2018.

DrydenWire.com reported in September 2017 that Blake entered a plea of No Contest to his charge of Class H Felony Burglary of a Building stemming from the IPlay store burglary as well as entering a plea of no contest in a separate case to a charge of Misdemeanor Criminal Trespass to Dwelling. Details of the second case are not known to DrydenWire.com at this time. Blake is scheduled to be sentenced in December 2017.

Last Update: Nov 30, 2017 11:18 am CST

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