Avery Weaver, of Spooner, WI, plead guilty in Washburn County Circuit Court today, December 22, 2016, to a charge of Felony Possession of Marijuana, a Class I Felony. 

Weaver was charged following an investigation by the Washburn County Sheriff's Office into a complaint of shots fired at a residence in Washburn County on August 31, 2016, which was first reported on by DrydenWire.com.

The subsequent investigation resulted in a search for Mr. Weaver. During that search, officers located a backpack containing Mr. Weaver's ID card, a receipt with his name on it, a digital scale, and marijuana.

A second charge for Felony Possession of Marijuana was dismissed by the Court, but read in for consideration in determining Weaver's sentence. According to public record, Weaver remains in the custody of the Washburn County Sheriff's Office.  

Mr. Weaver is scheduled for sentencing on February 13th, 2017.

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