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SPOONER, WI -- We know the news shared yesterday regarding canceling the Spooner Rodeo Parade in 2020 is disappointing, and devastating to many of us, we’d like to share the reasoning behind this decision for your better understanding of our logic.

As we all know, the “Safer At Home” order by Gov. Evers is in effect until 8:00 am on May 26th. Barring no notable increases in COVID19 cases prior to this date, the State of Wisconsin will begin the “Badger Bounce Back” transitional plan similar to that of the US government and advised by the Public Health Department.

Below are each of the Phases that Wisconsin will be following. The best-case scenario for us to get through Phase 3 safely is July 7, 2020. If a spike in cases occurs during any phase, we’d go backwards into the previous phase, repeating the 14-day period. REGARDLESS, social distancing rules still would apply, as would use of face masks, even at the completion of the 3rd phase.

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Washburn County only has one ventilator available. We must use precautions with encouraging public gatherings to prevent recurrence and/or an increase of COVID19 in our communities for the time being. We know how difficult this is, frustrating, and heartbreaking, but it is necessary to protect ourselves and our communities as a whole. Our Spooner Rodeo Parade draws participants from 21 Chambers, 110 plus entrants, and brings over 5000 people to attend this great event! We are so proud of this, yet we also have a responsibility to use good judgment to avoid issues. No candy could be thrown or items handed out during the parade, as this too would pose a health risk and Marching Bands would not be able to assemble to practice prior to our parade.

This was in no way a knee jerk decision nor an uninformed one. It’s terribly unfortunate and disheartening, but so is this pandemic situation. We’ve consulted with local MD’s in regards to making our decision to cancel as well.

We hope that with this information, you will better understand our timing of this decision, and the decision itself. It takes months to put this event together properly, therefore, we needed to make the decision now.

Thank you and please stay safe & healthy! God Bless!


The Spooner Rodeo Parade Organizers

Last Update: Apr 25, 2020 10:42 am CDT

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