SPOONER, Wis. -- The Spooner Area School District (SASD) wants to hear from everyone on how to improve Spooner schools.

The school board is seeking input from parents, current and former students, staff, retired people and non-residents who pay property taxes in the district as they plan for the school district's next five years.

"We want to hear from everyone who has a stake in the future of Spooner Schools," said Dr. David Aslyn, SASD Superintendent. "We will use the ideas we get from the public as we develop the Comprehensive Strategic Plan for the 2018-2023."

He added, "The school board wants this to be a broad-based community engagement opportunity. We want to hear from everybody."

Listening Sessions

In order to hear from as many people as possible, the school has planned three community listening sessions in April. They also plan surveys on paper or online for those who can't attend. It will be available the week of April 16.

All three listening sessions will run 90 minutes to two hours in the Spooner High School Auditorium. The start times and dates are:

  • 10 a.m. Saturday, April 14.
  • 2 p.m. Monday, April 23. 
  • 6 p.m. Monday, April 23.

Supt. Aslyn said, "We are doing the same listening session three times so people can select one to attend."

Aslyn said SASD is developing a Comprehensive Strategic Plan that will review all areas of the school's responsibilities. The plan will cover all 1,300 enrolled students who now attend or will attend SASD High School, Elementary School, Middle Schools.

The plan also covers Washburn County Alternative High School which SASD hosts in another Spooner location.

"These are community listening sessions. The school board's intent is to involve the entire community as we plan for the five years," Dr. Aslyn said.

Online Survey

The school is also planning an online survey for those who can't attend the listening sessions. It will be available on the school's website starting the week of April 16. Go to www.spooner.k12.wi.us

"What we are hoping is to provide opportunities for all community members to participate in some fashion," Aslyn said. "If they can attend a Community Listening Session and take part, that is great. But if that doesn't work for them, we would hope they would do the online survey.

Paper Survey

Dr. Aslyn invites those who cannot who prefer to complete the survey on paper to stop by the district office to pick up the survey. "We want input from those who can't attend the listening session and don't have internet access."

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