Prison was ordered on February 20, 2018, for a Spooner woman convicted of Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) 7th Offense in Bayfield County Circuit Court.

At a sentencing hearing on February 20, 2018, Lydia Retzlaff was sentenced to 6 years on her conviction of 7th Offense OWI in Bayfield County Circuit Court. Retzlaff is to serve 3 years initial confinement in Wisconsin State Prison, followed by 3 years of extended supervision by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Probation & Parole.

Charges were filed against Retzlaff following an incident on August 26, 2017, when she was arrested after the Bayfield County Communications Center received a 911 call reporting that a vehicle had gone in the ditch on State Highway 63 in the Town of Cable.

The caller reported that the vehicle had gone into the ditch on both sides of the highway, coming back out of the ditch and then doing a 180 in the middle of the road. The vehicle then traveled back northward on Highway 63.

Bayfield County law enforcement located the vehicle described by the caller and conducted a traffic stop. Before the vehicle came to a stop, the officer saw it cross the centerline.

According to the criminal complaint filed against Retzlaff in Bayfield County Circuit Court, Retzlaff told the officer that she had been talking on the phone. She also indicated that she was on several medications. The officer conducted field sobriety tests with Retzlaff and determined that her ability to operate a vehicle was impaired.

According to information received from the Bayfield County Clerk of Court, Retzlaff is eligible for the Challenge Incarceration Program while serving her prison sentence. A 24-month revocation of her driver’s license was ordered, and she is to pay nearly $1,300 in fines. The Court also ordered Retzlaff to complete an Alcohol and Other Drug Assessment. 

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