In 2016 the Spooner Hospital and Clinic had moved to their new location, and the 90,000 square foot building stood empty. Bob Siebel, President of the CHC Management Committee for the WISH program (Wisconsin, Illinois Senior Housing), offered a solution.

A public meeting was held in 2016 to get the communities pulse and ideas to see if the WISH people could work together and come up with a plan that would need the needs of the Washburn County area.

Maple Ridge, the nursing home attached to the original hospital had already been purchased by WISH, and by developing the connected space, this complex could continue to offer additional and unique family/health services to the area. 

So far it has. This is the place, called the Spooner Business Center, located at 819 Ash Street in Spooner, where you can find qualified pre-school programs, dance classes, the Family Resource Center, several massage centers, and mental health professionals.

The Spooner Business Center is also the place that has hired professional decorators to turn the third hospital floor into a stunning assisted living facility that has been named The Villas at Maple Ridge. 

Now when you take the elevator to the third floor, no longer does a large and uninspiring nursing center greet you as the doors open.

To the left of this spacious and gracious living room is a modern and attractive kitchen where residents can cook to their heart's content using their own groceries that have been purchased for them if requested, and stored in the refrigerator and cabinets. Or they can order any or all of their three daily meal choices for breakfast, lunch, and supper from the Maple Ridge kitchen where professional cooks rule the day. 

The individual hospital rooms have stayed the same size and shape, three to four hundred square feet, but when resident's furniture from home is placed in them, they look entirely different.

Couples get two rooms, most using one for their bedroom and the other for their living room.

Nicole Danger is Maple Ridge's administrator, and Deb Schiro is the manager and of the Villa's and the one you need to call to arrange for a visit or further information of fees and the many other things they offer. Like the most wonderful whirlpool bathtub in the world. 

Erin Clark, CNA CBRF, is the Resident Assistant Lead at the Villa's has ten years experience in community based residential facility life, and she is the go-to gal on the floor. 

Because the Villa's are in the same building as the nursing home, there is also a nurse available on a 24-hour basis. 

A game room, laundry service, in-house maintenance and help to move in and even help to hang the pictures; a person could hardly ask for anything more. 

Residents are free to come and go as they please and take part in any of the many activities downstairs at Maple Ridge as they wish. 

The Villa's is the newest place for those who have trouble managing their meds, or who don't like to cook or need help with nighttime visits to the bathroom. 

You can call Deb during business hours for more information. 715-939-1758, or email her at

Eight units are already occupied with only six more left so you may want to make the call before the only thing left is a waiting list.

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