The St. Croix Tribal Health Center and Head Start Program, both of Hertel, reopened today (Wednesday) after a two-day shutdown due to influenza.

Callers to the Tribal Health Center on Monday heard a recording that said, in part, “Please note the Clinic will be closed Monday, May 7 and Tuesday, May 8, due to an influenza outbreak.” was unable to make contact with staff at either facility on Monday or Tuesday to learn how many cases of flu were reported, but it appears it was an isolated outbreak.

Checks with Siren, Webster and Grantsburg School District offices on Monday showed classes were underway at all three schools with no reported absences from influenza.

Dr. John Ingalls of Webster Health Clinic said Tuesday he had one confirmed case of Influenza B. “We see nothing unusual for this time of year and no big outbreak among our clinic clients,” he said.

Dr. Ingalls added, “The best protection is to get a flu shot every year.” He added that his clinic staff checked with the Public Health Nurses in Washburn and Burnett counties and learned neither county had reported a widespread influenza outbreak.

Last Update: May 09, 2018 10:04 am CDT

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