(WRN) -- The State Senate is sending the GOP backed COVID-19 relief package back to the Assembly, with a new rider.

The bill will allow Governor Evers to issue public health emergencies solely for the purpose of receiving federal relief funding. The addition was made after it was discovered that ending the Governor’s health emergency order would cut Wisconsin off from nearly 50 million dollars a month in food aid.

Minority Leader Janet Bewley says Republicans aren’t doing anything to actually help people through these bills.

“This is insulting to the people of Wisconsin, to make them think that all these good things are going to happen. It’s not. We can do so much better, we did so much better, we were capable of it and we still are.”

Senator Steve Nass says the new rider will allow the state GOP to end the current health emergency and mask mandate without jeopardizing those funds, while still ending the Governor’s restrictions on businesses and the mask mandate.

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Last Update: Jan 29, 2021 11:19 am CST

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