The Spooner Area Youth Hockey Association (SAYHA) is excited that their Squirt team (10U or 10 years and under) are playing the Squirt 4A State Tournament March 5th and 6th, 2022 in West Salem Wisconsin.

The SAYHA Squirt team is made up of the following skaters:

  • Blake Keown
  • Spooner School
  • Parents - Terri and Bryan Keown

  • Nash Focht
  • Spooner School
  • Parents - Rachel Slater. Nate Focht.

  • Angelo (AJ) Giuliani
  • St. Francis de Sales School
  • Parents - Mark Guiliani and Amy Costello

  • Adrian Smith
  • Shell Lake School
  • Parents - Amber and Alex Smith

  • Evi Burch
  • Spooner School
  • Parents - Erin and Jordan Burch

  • Blake Shervey
  • St. Francis de Sales School
  • Parents - Grace and Josh Shervey

  • Otto Nordback
  • Spooner School
  • Parents - Tate Nordback. Billy Nordback.

  • Brayden Perkins
  • Shell Lake School
  • Parents - Nikki and Jon Perkins

  • Morgan Morales
  • Spooner School
  • Parents - Amy and Jamie Morales

  • Sigve Halvorson
  • St. Francis de Sales School
  • Parents - Carmen and Mark Halvorson

  • Luke Gothblad
  • Spooner School
  • Parents - Sarah and Bob Gothblad

  • Easton Brummond
  • St. Francis de Sales School
  • Parents - Mark Guiliani and Amy Costello

  • Leif Schlapper
  • Spooner School
  • Parents - Debbie Schlapper. Matt Schlapper.

  • Bentley McKinney
  • Spooner School
  • Parents - Kate and Ryan McKinney

  • Dominik Larson
  • St. Francis de Sales School
  • Parents - Danielle and Erik Larson

A few events are planned to send the Squirt Team off to State. On Thursday March 3rd at St. Francis de Sales School skaters will be wearing their jerseys to school and this is a big deal as they typically wear uniforms to school.

Also on Thursday Shell Lakers will be wearing their jerseys to school, a team photo will be displayed and an article will be in the weekly Laker Newsletter.

Finally, on Friday Spooner School skaters will be wearing their jerseys and the school will be hosting a Rails Rally for their student of the month celebration and they will be showing the "Squirt Hockey Road to State" Video. View the video below.

The Squirt team plays their first game at 11:30am on Saturday the 5th against Dodgeville Ice Wolves. You can see the tournament brackets here.

Additionally, the 14U Hayward Girls Co-op, which SAYHA is a part of will be playing in the state tournament in the girls division this weekend in Baldwin.

Spooner players that will be skating are:

  • Olivia Webster
  • Spooner School
  • Parents - Alishia and Allen Webster

  • Alaska Johnson
  • Spooner School
  • Parents - Katie and Jeremiah Johnson

  • Emily Wiltzis
  • Spooner School
  • Parents - Elena and Jim Wiltzis

Haywards first game is also on Saturday at 11:30am against Oregon, WI. See their bracket here.

Good luck to both teams this weekend. Check for updates. GO RAILS!

Last Update: Mar 04, 2022 7:45 am CST

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