WAUSAU, WI - Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy tonight released the following statement after winning a 5th term to represent Wisconsin's Seventh district:

"Every day I wake up and fight my heart out to make sure we have the right policies to make sure not only our country, but our state is more prosperous. And it is a remarkable honor to represent central, western, and northern Wisconsin for another term.

"Two years ago, we were fighting to make sure our workers could go back to work. We thought if we streamlined our rules and regulations, if we could lower our taxes, let you keep a little bit more of your own money, this economy could grow.

"We know these policies work. And when we implemented them, we saw massive expansion. People are going back to work. The blue collar comeback is real. I could not do this without my family, I can’t thank my wife Rachel enough for all the support that she gives me. And thank you once again to the great people of the Wisconsin Northwoods.”

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