Leading Democratic challenger against Congressman Sean Duffy announced he is ending his campaign.

Wisconsin 7th District Repuclican Party issued the following release:

Statement on exit of liberal challenger Kyle Frenette from 7th district race:

Leading 7th District Democrat challenger quietly announced his departure from the campaign today, making him the fourth Democrat to announce a campaign only to later drop out.

Seventh District Republican Party Chair Jim Miller offered the follow on Frenette’s departure:

“We wish Kyle the best on his future endeavors in the music industry. We suspect that Frenette, such as others before him, realized that Wisconsinites categorically reject bringing more drugs into our communities, failed big-government policies, open borders, and coastal values. The other candidates in the Democrat primary will learn soon enough that the people of central, northern, and western Wisconsin stand with Congressman Sean Duffy because he is a tenacious worker and fights for the best interests of his constituents."

Kyle posted the announcement on his Twitter page earlier today:

Last Update: May 26, 2018 6:27 pm CDT

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