Washburn County Chief Deputy Steve Pank will be filling in for Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald on this week’s Positive Tuesday W/ Ben & Fitzy show. Fitzy cannot be on the show on Tuesday as he is likely either busting bad guys or practicing his golf swing for Wednesday’s golf outing (or maybe something else, not sure).

Pank became the Chief Deputy in Washburn County after Sheriff Stuart selected him among several other candidates who had applied earlier this year following Nick Helstern’s retirement from law enforcement.

The live show will air on DrydenWire's Facebook page on Tuesday morning at approximately 8:30a. A recording will remain on Facebook and then be published on DrydenWire's YouTube channel and website later in the day.

Steve Pank started with Washburn County Sheriff’s Office as a part-time jailer in 2000 while still serving as Marine Corps Recruiter Duty in Duluth MN.

In 2002 after serving Honorably in the U.S. Marine Corps for six years, he was hired full-time to Washburn County Sheriff’s Office as a jailer/ dispatcher.

In 2003, he received his Wisconsin law enforcement certification and began working part-time patrol shifts for Washburn County Sheriff’s Office, and Spooner Police Department.

In 2005 he was hired full-time as a police officer for Spooner Police Department. During this time, he held several positions including Special Response Team operator, Sniper, Assistant Commander of Special Response Team, and Investigator.

In 2013 he was promoted to Captain of Spooner Police Department and has held that position until moving into the Chief Deputy role with the Washburn County Sheriff’s Office in 2021.

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