On Tuesday, October 25, Sawyer County Law Enforcement received numerous calls from concerned citizens about an individual who made a post on Facebook in regards to shooting up the Hayward High School.

Hayward Police Chief Joel Clapero said a 15-year old student posted on a Facebook thread in the Hayward Wi Buy/Sell group page under a gun for sale that it would be a, “Good gun to shoot up the school with.”

Several persons called in about the possible threat and the student was confronted. The student claimed he wasn’t serious and that he said it jokingly.

“You have to take everything seriously these days,” Clapero said. “You just can’t make those kinds of statements. It’s a crazy world we live in so we had to look in to it. The student said he made the comment completely as a joke and he didn’t think it was a big deal.”

Clapero said the student is suspended while the school decides what course of action to take. He also said the student would be referred to juvenile services.

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