SPOONER, WI — There will be no school today, Thursday April 20th, for Spooner Middle School students, according to Superintendent Dave Aslyn.

Before and after school activities for Middle School students are also canceled. All Middle School staff should report for work.

Classes will be held for Spooner High and Elementary school students today.

Superintendent Aslyn did not give a reason for the closure, however, Dr. Aslyn says that more information regarding the Middle School closure will be released later this morning.

UPDATE: DrydenWire has learned that the reason for the Spooner Middle School closure for students today was due to the unexpected passing of Spooner Middle School Teacher Dan Rosenbush on Wednesday night. Mr. Rosenbush served in the SASD for 30 years.

This story has been updated. You can find the update here.

Last Update: Apr 20, 2023 11:14 am CDT

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