**Update 2** 

Spooner Police Chief Jerry Christman issued the following press release a few moments ago.

"On May 9, 2018, at about 7:40 am, the Spooner Police Department responded to the Spooner High School for a reported threat to the school. The Spooner Police Department was assisted by Washburn County Sheriff’s Office and Wisconsin State Patrol. Spooner Police officers investigated the information provided and spoke with reporting parties and possible witnesses and/or suspects involved in this case. No person was detained or arrested. As result of the investigation no credable or direct threats were substantiated and based on our findings, we feel the staff and students are not in danger. 

"We would like to thank those who came forward with this information. The Spooner School District addresed the student body and staff at the High School at the end of the investigation. The information forwarded to school staff and students was accurate. We would like to ask the public to not contribute to the spreading of misinformation regarding this incident, so staff and students will be able to cope with this incident and move on with their normal routines and programs. We thank the Spooner School District staff for their prompt response and asisstance in the investigation."

**Update 1** 

Spooner School Superintendent Dr. David Aslyn issued the following press release a few moments ago.

"This is an update on a situation at Spooner High School (SHS) that took place this morning. A report of a potential unsafe situation at SHS was received. The Spooner Area School District takes all reports like this very seriously. 

"Law enforcement personnel and school staff worked together to run down information, interview people and conduct searches as needed. No students were detained and all students interviewed have been cleared to return to class. At the completion of the investigation, it was determined that no actual threat had taken place. Thank you to the students and adults who reported information as this is an important step in keeping everybody safe at school. 

"Parents may keep children home or have them leave school early today if they have concerns. Student absences for this purpose today will not count toward any truancy actions. 

"Please see the District website for video of an information session held with SHS students and staff this morning for more information. Thank you to the Spooner Police Department, Washburn County Sherriff’s Department and the Wisconsin State Patrol for their prompt response and comprehensive work on this important situation.  We are thankful that this situation concluded with everyone being safe."

**Original Post**

Rumors were rampant this morning on Social Media and word-of-mouth over reports of a school shooting at the Spooner High School. 

DrydenWire.com confirmed at about 9 a.m. that there was not an active shooter situation; however, there was a police presence at the High School. DrydenWire.com was unable to confirm anything further and chose not report until we had official confirmation from the school or law enforcement on the situation to prevent further panic in the community.

At 9:25 a.m., Spooner School Superintendent Dr. David Aslyn spoke to the high school students in the auditorium for about six minutes, stating that there "was not an actual threat that was confirmed" and the school day will continue as usual (Video below). His message was live-streamed to parents and the community.

Dr. Aslyn said any student with additional information should go to the school office and talk with an adult.

He continued, “Our goal at Spooner HIgh School and all the schools in our district is to have a safe and positive environment for everybody. So, when information comes forward about a potentially unsafe situation we take it very seriously.

“I want to thank everyone who came forward today to report information. You did exactly what you should do. If you hear something or see something, say something to an adult because that will help us to run that information down quickly. We all want to be safe here.

“There has been a lot of work going on this morning by law enforcement and school staff to find the information, interview some people and conduct some searches as appropriate. I want you to know at this point no students have been detained, and students who have been interviewed have been cleared to return to class.

“With that work completed, I want to let you know that there was not an actual threat that was confirmed. A lot of talk was confirmed but not an actual threat. So, based on that, we are ready to go forward with the school day.

“What I do want to say to you is this; If you have information you weren’t able to share, I ask that you go to the high school office when you are dismissed from here, and share that information with an adult there.

“If you’re having a hard time, and you’re really feeling scared, or if this day has been overwhelming for you, I certainly would understand that. Again, go to the high school office and you’ll get some help.

“To the parents and family members that are watching out there, it’s always the parent’s prerogative and right, if you think your child is unsafe in school, you can keep them home or have them dismissed from school early and that will be an excused absence and not count against anyone as truancy

“I want to thank you students for your really good communication and your cooperation this morning. I hope we don’t do this again, ever, but I want you to know I am really proud of you for how you handled yourselves and brought that information forward." 

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