Support Staff Spotlight: Amy Thiex

21 Things You Might Not Know About The Communication Coordinator for the Burnett County Sheriff’s Office.

Support Staff Spotlight: Amy Thiex

Editor’s note: “Support Staff Spotlight” is a weekly series that shines a spotlight on those that work behind the scenes in our area county departments that keep everything running smoothly. These individuals rarely get any attention (or credit?) but are vital to their respective departments. A new “Support Staff Spotlight” (formerly known as "21 Things You Might Not Know About Me") from one of our six-county coverage-area county departments will be published every Monday in 2023 on DrydenWire.com.

BURNETT COUNTY (DrydenWire) -- This week, we shine the spotlight on Amy Thiex.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Amy, she is the Communication Coordinator for the Burnett County Sheriff’s Office. Amy has been with the Burnett County Sheriff’s Office for 22 years.

Before you read Amy’s “21 Things You Might Know About Me,” check out what Burnett County Sheriff Tracy Finch had to say about Amy:

“Amy’s years of experience and wealth of knowledge are apparent every day. She is one of the most dedicated and hardest-working people I know. She does the work of several people and keeps it all together. Amy does all of this while maintaining a wonderful sense of humor. She is one of the rocks of our Sheriff’s Office.” — Sheriff Tracy Finch

21 Things You Might Know About Me: Amy Thiex

  1. I grew up in Siren, WI. I lived in Duluth for 4 years after HS and then moved back to the area.
  2. I am married to Travis. We were married on Valentine’s Day and we will be celebrating 20 years next month.
  3. I have 2 kids, Madison 19, and Derek 18. Madison is a sophomore at UW-Eau Claire and Derek is a senior at Siren HS. I am very proud of them!
  4. I have 2 Goldendoodles, Lucy and Hank.
  5. I’ve been a Packer Fan my whole life. Our family enjoys Lambeau Field. I’ve attended approximately 12 games at Lambeau and I’ve met many Packer players over the years, including Paul Hornung, Gilbert Brown, and Greg Jennings. My daughter also caught a pass from the “Majik” man, Don Majkowski. Go Pack Go!
  6. I enjoy fishing in the summer and winter. I have fond memories of fishing with my dad as a kid and attending many of the local fishing contests.
  7. I am a Wisconsin Sports Fan! Our family cheers on the Brewers, Bucks, Badgers, and Packers.
  8. I dislike heights. I once visited the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and rode the tram to the top. I had to crawl on my hands and knees to get to the other side and get back down. I was so scared!
  9. My favorite food is Mexican. What more is there to say? YUM!
  10. I like canning foods, salsa especially. I don’t have a garden and prefer to purchase my vegetables at the local farmer’s market.
  11. I love listening to a large variety of music and attending concerts. My Grandma bought me my first record album, Boxcar Willie in the early ’80s. My first concert was Vanilla Ice in 1990 (don’t judge! Haha). We still talk about all of my Columbia House and BMG purchases to this day, lol.
  12. I originally thought I wanted to become a Dental Hygienist but then discovered I didn’t like science that much. Had I not made that discovery, I wouldn’t be where I am today.
  13. I have several hobbies. I enjoy crafting, flower gardens, and feeding the birds.
  14. I have a strong interest in learning about my ancestry. I’ve worked on a family tree over the years. I am Scandinavian and love all of the traditions I grew up with (not Lutefisk!)
  15. I love to travel and go on vacations, near or far. I have been to 6 countries. My first flight was 12 hrs to Europe in 1995. I was fortunate to see so many of the major sites, including the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain; the Eiffel Tower in Paris France; and the Dachau Concentration Camp.
  16. I do enjoy all 4 seasons, but I would have to say Summer is my favorite.
  17. I am a WI Supper Club Enthusiast. My best friend Tania and I are doing a WI Supper Club Tour. We try to attend 1 Supper Club per month. We have made it to 12 in the NW Region of WI so far.
  18. I absolutely despise all rodents and snakes!
  19. I’ve completed 12 half marathons. My most memorable one was in Las Vegas!
  20. A warm sunny beach in Mexico is my favorite place to vacation!
  21. I have the most supportive family and friends. I am one lucky gal!

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