The Body Shop Fitness Center: Tanning Staycation Here In Shell Lake!

The Body Shop’s 2020 SunSational Tanning Specials

The Body Shop Fitness Center: Tanning Staycation Here In Shell Lake!

SHELL LAKE, WI -- Making that special someone feel special is a priority for many of us. Or that's what I think anyways. Who doesn't want to pamper their significant other now and again for everything that they do on a daily basis for us?

The last 10 months have been interesting, to say the least. Summer was good for many of us to be out in the fresh air, spending time and exploring with our families and friends, all the while getting some great vitamin D from the sun. Then along comes winter, and with it, the early nights of darkness and short days of sunlight.

I know how my wife and I get during the winter months. The moderate down time and warmth of the tanning beds help us cope with these long winters, especially since many of us will not be taking that mid-winter get away to warmer climates because of Covid. (With this said, moderation is important so we are not walking around looking like leather handbags so always, tan responsibly.)

Because of this, I wanted to put together some fun specials for everyone. The Body Shop Fitness Center in Shell Lake is offering a SunSational tanning promotion! (No cabana boys, but we do have back applicator wands available for purchase :). Treat that someone special to a little mini vacation away from the house, and possibly the kids, with this special.

We will be running this SunSational sale until January 1st 2021 or until the product is gone. We also offer gift certificates for that special present or stocking stuffer.

Purchase a bottle of STARDOM tanning lotion (Stellar 60X Bronzing Force, Dark Abyss Elixir + GlowGevity Complex, Sumptuos Silicone Blend with Stargaze Flawless Finish) and receive, 2 months Unlimited Tanning with a pair of FREE iLids eye goggles. A savings of $97.99.

Purchase a bottle of SAHARA JEWEL tanning lotion (Spectacular 30X Bronzeuporia Complex, Color Bursting Beads with Cushion Silicone, Enhanced Renewal Elixir) and receive, 1 month unlimited tanning with a pair of free pair of iLids eye goggles. A savings of $52.99.

Our fitness / tanning facilities have 24-7 air exchange HVAC systems, cleaning / sanitizing supplies allowing you to clean / sanitize prior to using as well as when you are finished using the equipment. It's literally one of the cleanest places you can go outside of a medical facility. It's how we have always done business since the day we opened in 2007, and will continue to do business, to best serve and keep our members safe.

Want to come take a peak or take advantage of this SunSational promotion? Just give us a call at 715-468-7776 or email us at thebodyshopfitnesscenters@gmail.com.

- Matt Dryden, Owner, Body Shop Fitness Centers

Last Update: Dec 05, 2020 1:23 pm CST

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