Telemark Golf Course Under Contract

Anticipated investment of $92.6 Million for construction of the RNW community during Phase One is expected.

Telemark Golf Course Under Contract

CABLE, Wis. — RESORTS OF THE NORTHWOODS, LLC (RNW) has the former Telemark Golf Course Property under contract with a scheduled closing date of August 31, 2022. RNW’s plans will pave the way to transform the 496-acre property into a resort and residential community that magnifies the magnificent beauty of Wisconsin’s Northern Region.

Anticipated investment of $92.6 Million for construction of the RNW community during Phase One is expected.

RNW will be a destination year-round resort and residential community. Phase One development will begin with two entirely different resorts and residential subdivisions within the property. The first resort is designed for families and its layout will include hotel rooms and longer-term rental villas. The second will be a smaller bouquet hotel with villas to attract the more luxury-seeking, high-end traveler.

The residential housing component of the RNW community will be comprised of roughly 300 acres, earmarked for private and vacation residences, villas, condos, and workforce housing not just for RNW employees but for the region as well.

A free-standing pub will also be built that will attract visitors and locals. The pub will feature regional cuisine from local and national chefs and host lively entertainment. All the RNW amenities will surpass guest’s expectations on property and as a base camp for all the world class sporting events of the region.

Great environmental and green-conscious care is being taken to ensure that every independent aspect of the complex will reflect and protect the natural surroundings, keeping the resort and grounds sustainable for years to come.

Ken Pearson, Business Development Specialist at Northwest Regional Planning recently stated, “This project will be the catalyst for significant economic growth that the region has been positioning itself for several years.” Pearson continued that it would embrace the work, play, and stay where you live concept the area has championed.

Brett Rondeau, Bayfield County Supervisor and local businessman, expressed encouragement by stating that although it is in his district, RNW has HUGE benefits for the whole county! Rondeau added, “We need, as a board, to support this proposal and help any way we can. I think this is a once in our lifetime deal for this county and the project we have all been waiting for through our decades’ long efforts.”

Bayfield County Economic Development Corporation, under the direction of Cole Rabska, Executive Director, unanimously passed support and pre-closing financial assistance for RNW to make this project happen.

The RNW project is estimated to deliver 16 million dollars in local spending during the construction portion of the project. This includes spending for food, lodging and other expenditures for construction workers as well as monies spent with several local businesses who source construction materials and supplies.

The project will also invest over 4 million for roads, sewer, storm-water systems, electrical and broadband infrastructure. RNW expects to generate a significant annual tax impact, which should lower the tax burden for residents and provide additional revenues to assist both town and county budgets and local school systems.

RNW is already planning the purchase of additional resort and residential development on land in Sawyer County. This deal is expected to close on October 31, 2022, will be adding another $100 Million to the project.

For further details on the destination resort community visit resortsofthenorthwoods.com.

For questions, please contact either:

  • Jim Kelley, Chairman & CEO 786 423 6568
  • James Bolen, President & COO 715 580 0206

Last Update: Jul 19, 2022 11:04 am CDT

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