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Telemark Redevelopment, LLC (TR) is notifying the American Birkiebiender Ski Foundation (ABSF) this week of its intention to withdraw TR’s $1 Million Package offer to purchase the resort and ski hill portion of Telemark Resort.

The offer made last June, was to work in tandem with ABSF’s purchase of the entire resort currently owned by Mt Telemark Partners, LLC. who purchased it back in 2013.

TR feels that its vision for the old Telemark Resort and that of the ABSF are very different both in size and scope as well as in the timeline for completion.

TR still believes in the Telemark Region as a true destination attracting visitors from a more expanded market and is ripe for sustainable economic growth. New Locations for a new more exciting year-round project have been identified and is in final discussions for the new projects expected to close by end of this year.

An announcement within the next 60 days outlining TR’s new projects will be made. TR is prevented from discussing any further details by agreements with the current landowners and financial partners.

Last Update: Sep 18, 2020 10:41 am CDT

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