WASHBURN COUNTY -- A resolution was passed on August 21, 2018 proposing settlement for a lawsuit filed against the Washburn County Board of Supervisors by former county employee, Kim "Cookie" Frankenberg.

Online circuit court records show that the lawsuit was filed in February 2017, and that a 5 day jury trial was scheduled in the civil lawsuit for August 2019. The lawsuit names as defendants the Washburn County Board of Supervisors, the Washburn County Personnel Committee, and the Washburn County Executive Committee as well as the individuals who sat on those committees at the time Frankenberg's position was restructured/eliminated. 

The complaint filed in the civil lawsuit alleged that Frankenberg was subject to a “campaign of retaliation, intimidation and harassment” allegedly because she did not give a county job to a relative of a County Board Supervisor, according to an article published by the leaderregister.com on February 22, 2017. Frankenberg filed suit against the Washburn County Board of Supervisors after the Board passed a resolution to eliminate the position of HR Director for the County and Frankenberg lost her job, according to the article.

Following an open records request, DrydenWire.com received a copy of the resolution, which states that the proposed settlement amount for the civil lawsuit is $79,170.52. The resolution was passed unanimously by the current Washburn County Board of Supervisors on August 21, 2018 (19-0 Vote).

“To be clear, this is not official as of yet,” said Washburn County Board Chair Thomas Mackie during a phone call with DrydenWire.com. “Signatures from all parties involved are required, and, as of today, that has not yet happened."

Last Update: Sep 01, 2018 1:39 pm CDT

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