I am honored to have served as your Sheriff in Washburn County for what will be 28 years come this January.  I have been fortunate to receive broad support from both Democrats and Republicans during my tenure. It has been a rewarding and memorable experience. Words fail me to describe my emotions as I begin contemplating my life after serving in this time-honored profession. I am humbled by your confidence and trust that you have continued to place in me these many years.  I am asking you to trust me one more time.

On August 14th, 2018 you will choose between two Republican candidates for Sheriff. Since there are no other candidates in any other party, the candidate for Sheriff that gets the most votes on August 14th will in effect be your next Sheriff. On January 7th, 2019 your new Sheriff will be sworn in. I would like for you to consider voting for Mike Richter.

Running for Sheriff is a choice, being an effective Sheriff, however, requires a lot more than that. It requires consistency, availability, discipline, responsibility, focus, experience, knowledge, candor, media communications skills, an intricate understanding of how a multi-million dollar budget works and a thorough understanding of the county jail system operations, to name a few. Mike checks all of these boxes.

The most important attribute of an effective Sheriff is leadership. Leadership is not all glitz and glamour; it requires putting the needs and safety of the citizens and employees of the County front-and-center, even (and sometimes often) if those decisions are not popular among the aforementioned. Mike has proven that he has these leadership qualities.  

I have worked with Mike for over 30 years and he has been my second-in-command as Chief Deputy for 13 of those. Mike has the experience, background, training, education, knowledge and the professional standards of demeanor to fulfill all that is required of a Sheriff. Mike Richter’s abilities exceed any other candidate and he has my full support.

For the last 10,000+ days, you have trusted me to represent you in this great County as Sheriff. Your trust in me over these days and years I have never taken for granted and have worked tirelessly to honor your trust in me. I am asking that you place your trust in me one more time and vote for Mike Richter in the Primary on August 14th.

-Terry Dryden

Authorized and Paid for by Terry Dryden

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