As of Sunday, October 30,  Sue Coquillette, owner of the Trego Dinner Bell Restaurant for 24 years will hand over the keys to Nikki and Taip “Ty” Ahmedoski as they take over the facility having signed a five year lease to own agreement.

Ty comes from a food service background of his own restaurant and has quite a following already. He and his wife also know that there will be major road reconstruction slated for 2020 when getting to the restaurant will no longer be as easy as it is now. They’re willing to take the chance and looking forward to the challenge.

The name will remain the same, but the menu already has changes in place. He’ll keep the stand-by local favorites, but is adding some of the items that made him famous.

The restaurant will be closed on Monday, October 31 and then hopefully open again on Tuesday, November 1.

Sue has 37 years food service experience under her belt and will stay as long as needed at the restaurant to help out. Then it’s anyone’s guess as to what she’s going to do; she doesn’t know herself, but is open to new ideas, not eliminating food service as possible positions.

What started out as a little white house turned coffee shop on the side of the road that opened its doors in 1953 along highways 53/63, has expanded into a beautiful restaurant that seats 100 people in the dining room and 30 more in the solarium with a full menu, buffets, salad bars and a catering service.

When Ty and Nikki sign the final papers making the restaurant their own, they will be the eighth owners  and everyone, especially Sue, wishes them well and great success.

Last Update: Oct 26, 2016 11:12 am CDT

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