The Minnesota State Fair Is Taking Applications

After working for 12 hours straight, I personally can't see why anyone would want to stay even longer, even if it is free

The Minnesota State Fair Is Taking Applications

If you like working outside in hot weather doing a twelve-hour shift, you might want to apply for a position with the Minnesota State Fair, better known as The Great American Get-Together.

The fair already employees more than eighty year-round, full-time staff, but you could be part of the four hundred and fifty seasonal team that completes more than 2,300 fair-time staff members.  

If you get the job, you too can 'welcome' more than two million people who are coming to celebrate the Minnesota fair has to offer.

On the plus side, benefits include “free fair admission, valuable experience, and making great friends.”

After working for twelve hours straight, I personally can't see why anyone would want to stay even longer, even if it is free. I mean, have you ever been to the Minnesota State Fair?

The fair runs from August 22 until September 2, and the Employment Center is open during June through August for applicants who are interested in applying for work.

If chosen, you could be hired to sell tickets or taking tickets. You could be a parking attendant or work in retail sales. Maybe you're the keep-it-clean type person if so there are positions in custodial and public safety jobs and Sanitation.  

If you like animals, you could be a barn attendant or even work in food service. Or if you're really desperate, you would apply for a position running the rides or games. Did anyone mention the job is for twelve hours a day for twelve days?

Applicants need to be over sixteen years of age and must be available to work all of the days the fair is held. The pay is not too bad, from $9.86 to $11 an hour, but unless you have a free place to stay, you might just break even at the end of your employment.

If you're actually thinking this could be a fun experience, the Minnesota State Fair website has more information, like showing up July 10 in the Progress Center to apply for a position where you can join the line at 3p for an interview starting an hour later.

Forget your resumes, new employees are hired because of their experience, availabilities, and interest in the positions.

If you feel like you might need assistance with completing the application process, you can contact the employment department at employment@mnstatefair.org or 651-288-4475.

If this summer job appeals to you and you're hired, please contact DrydenWire.com after it's over. We'd like to interview you.

Last Update: Jul 03, 2019 10:40 am CDT

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