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Record Gas Prices: Journalists, Celebrities Offer ‘Tone Deaf’ Opinions On Oil, Energy As Fuel Prices Surge

Americans are experiencing the highest gas prices since the 2007-09 financial crisis, with the national gas price average reaching more than $4 per gallon – the highest average to date, according to AAA. To combat the shocking price increase, many have echoed White House talking points lecturing Americans to buy more electric cars. Other liberal pundits have insisted Americans should simply eliminate oil dependence altogether without offering a viable alternative.

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House Passes Sweeping $1.5 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill

The House passed a sweeping $1.5 trillion omnibus spending package on Wednesday night to fund the government, hours after lawmakers scrapped billions in funding to combat the COVID-19 pandemic amid resistance from Democrats upset about plans to yank already allocated relief from states. The last-minute revolt over the COVID-19 funding from Democrats angered over a GOP-demanded offset upended a delicately negotiated package between congressional leaders of both parties.

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Americans Are Besieged By Stress, Poll Finds

The association's annual "Stress in America" poll, published Thursday, found that U.S. adults — already weary from two years of the Covid-19 pandemic — are now overwhelmingly troubled by inflation and the war in Ukraine. According to the results, 87 percent of those surveyed cited rising costs of everyday items, such as groceries and gas, as a "significant source of stress."

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House Committee Makes Allegations Of Potential 'Criminal Conduct' By Amazon To Justice Department

The House Judiciary Committee wrote to Attorney General Merrick Garland alerting him of potential "criminal conduct by Amazon and certain of its executives," in a letter written by members of the committee and obtained by ABC News. The judiciary committee, led by Antitrust Subcommittee Chairman David Cicilline, alleges Amazon lied to Congress over whether it used data it collected from third-party sellers.

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More States Are Proposing Single-Payer Health Care. Why Aren’t They Succeeding?

The Democratic presidential primary might feel like a lifetime ago, but one important storyline in that race was health care — specifically single-payer health care, or the policy that the government should offer universal health insurance to everyone in the country. The nomination of now-President Biden, who opposed single-payer health care during the primary, has put single-payer health care on the backburner nationally. But that hasn’t stopped the issue from impacting state legislators, who have introduced more single-payer health care bills in the last few years than ever before.

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Wisconsin Headlines

New Mexico Man Sentenced For Travel With Intent To Engage In Illicit Sexual Conduct With Minor

Matthew Engelhardt, 33, of Roswell, New Mexico, was sentenced today by U.S. District Judge James Peterson to 51 months in prison for traveling from New Mexico to Wisconsin with the intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct with minor. This term of imprisonment is to be followed by 20 years of supervised release. Engelhardt pleaded guilty to this charge on December 6, 2021.

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Former Foxconn Executive Writes Book About Wisconsin Project: 'We're Not Going To Apologize For Trying Hard'

In the summer of 2018, President Donald Trump traveled to Mount Pleasant for a ground-breaking ceremony with high hopes. The president had called Foxconn's plans for Wisconsin the "eighth wonder of the world." But even as the project was getting started, it was already coming under heavy scrutiny.

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Gableman Emails Underscore Ties To Lawyer Who Sued To Block 2020 Election Certification

Emails that became public following a judge's order show the man Assembly Republicans hired to investigate the 2020 election has taken consultation from a lawyer who sued to block that very election from being certified. Dane County Judge Frank Remington ordered Michael Gableman and his Office of Special Counsel on Tuesday to release records and emails tied to his investigation. The decision was prompted by a lawsuit American Oversight, a liberal Washington, D.C.-based group, brought against Gableman's office.

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Court Weighs Case Of Conservative Who Won’t Leave DNR Board

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is set to consider whether to remove a Department of Natural Resources board member who refuses to step down even though his term ended almost a year ago.

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Aaron Rodgers' Return Keeps Packers' Title Window Open, But It's Just The First Step

Rodgers’ decision to return for another season, as he told Pat McAfee on Tuesday morning, is only the beginning. While it’s the most important piece, it’s not the only one. In fact, now the real work begins. It’s on general manager Brian Gutekunst and salary-cap manager Russ Ball to figure out how the Packers can not only make another run with as many of the players from last season as possible, but also make some important additions to push them over the top.

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